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Here We Go!

Welcome to our new blog! Within this website, you will receive information and empathy from four different counselors who are also mothers of small children. We seek to do four things for you.

Provide Encouragement

As mothers in the same stage as many of you, we understand that there is no way to measure “success” in this journey of parenthood. When being consistent with discipline, our children will insist we are terrible human beings and do not love them. When giving them what they want, sometimes their behavior becomes more unmanageable. When trying to be affectionate, they would rather play with their toys. It can be so discouraging when we do not get a “performance review” and have a way to evaluate our strengths and growth areas. Therefore, we can encourage and validate your struggle with this adventure of parenting.

Provide Empathy

It is hard. There is nothing more worthwhile and more difficult than growing humans who will be productive, kind members of society. You will not hear (or read rather) a perspective of “having it all together.” Though we come from a place of professionalism and education, we have our “watch a movie because you are sick” days and our “need to apologize because we just yelled at our kids” days. We understand the struggle, we affirm your desire to care for your kids well, and we want you to know that feeling like a failure can be normal (unfortunately). 

Provide a Community 

There is nothing more isolating that parenthood. Maintaining friendships and even relationships under the same roof, can be difficult in this stage of life. Within this site, we seek to give you a place where you feel less alone. There are others that are dealing with the same issues and feeling lost. It is our desire to reassure you that you are not alone. 

Provide Education

Our training and experience as counselors gives us a unique viewpoint. We work with clients and our own children to implement different techniques in parenting. This may include everything from activities to bond with your children to ideas for managing problematic behaviors. In this blog, we will give tips and suggestions on varying topics. Feel free to fill out our “contact us” form and share topics you would like for us to cover. 

Thank you for tuning into our website! We look forward to walking this journey of parenting together. 

Allyson Pitre

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